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Luna 13, a bass music project could lay down the next genre of Metal

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I heard about this music project “Luna 13” from a friend in Phoenix AZ and he said they were being billed as the next wave of Metal. The genre is called ‘Bass Metal’ or ‘Black Bass Metal.’ What interested me was the producer was behind a DJ facade filled with skull levers and machinery and the vocalist was a seductress wearing horns. Lilith Bathory belts out hymns from the grave with a sonically powerful voice. I originally figured that they could be campy and the “Bass Heavy Metal” I heard in the past was awful. Those producers creating Metal in the 2010’s, sampling guitars was some of the worst music ever! Yet I was told this was different, Dr Luna didn’t sample guitars and stringed instruments were off limits. This was a genuine merging of bass heavy electronica and Black Metal.

I arrived at the “Artifice” in Las Vegas on July 23rd to see what the hype was all about. I’ll be honest, I am not much into Metal, it was the word “bass” that brought me here.

Luna 13 was hypnotic, trancelike, tormentingly dark, yet you couldn’t look away. It took but 45 seconds to realize I was listening to an upgrade of sound and sonically one of the most powerful sounds I have heard. Their theatrics were not campy at all and put you in fear a little. Dr Luna looks like he’s cutting through meat and Lilith Bathory’s dark beauty makes the darkness flow in a highly entertaining way. Being that ‘hip hop’ and ‘bass’ are my thing I could hear incredibly powerful ‘saw bass’ lines and heavy distorted ‘acid bass’ mixed into Black Metal in a way that works. They nail this merger through the application. Both Metalheads and Bassheads had their mouths hanging open and some people were banging their heads. Man do they put on a show! Luna 13, a new brand of Metal, gets my vote. Luna 13’s Black Bass Metal is more than likely going to pave the way for some new, much needed energy in the music scene and you have to see this live. It’s life altering

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