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Interview With Izzy King – Behind Bars

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What is your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement I feel was publishing my book.

Who is your biggest inspiration ?

My biggest inspiration is the urge to want to tell the story of my life in hopes that it would impact change in many people’s lives.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself sustaining a healthy musical career and also finishing at least two more books in the book series that I’m writing And hopefully home by the grace of God.

Where are you from?

I am from a neighborhood called around tree circle located in Chester South Carolina.

How old are you?

25 and my birthday is December 28th.

Are you working on any projects ?

I am currently working on the my album called ” The Desolate One ”

Who’s your top 3 greatest of all time / dead or alive?

My top three greatest of all-time Dead or alive artists as as of now is: 2 pac, j Cole, NBA youngboy

What are you in this industry for ?

I am in this industry to bring a different sound and also to change the narrative of how people look at prisoners. I was always told to never judge a man until you walk in his shoes oh, well my music is a way of people walking in my shoes and feeling my pain and also feeling my mental battles that I have in my head on a daily basis.

How long have you been making music ?

I have been making music since I was 7 years old. Even though I have evolved tremendously throughout my life and gained my style or sound.

What’s your next move ?

My next move besides releasing my album within the next two months is to find a few artists they’re all willing to work with my record label that I am starting.

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