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Senior is an unstoppable lyricist

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Rejection and raw feelings fueled Senior’s (James William Awad’s) success. He’s someone who doesn’t quit where others would and marches forward no matter what which is reflected in his music and all that he does.

As an artist and unfiltered human who has been through a roller coaster of hardship and triumph, the young artist had a lot to contribute.

He poured his experiences, stories, victories, and downfalls into his music, always giving it his all. An extremely driven artist who didn’t let obstacles stand in his way, Senior recorded his debut single, “Alexandra,” in his home studio that he built by himself.

With the help of a friend who had experience in mixing beats, Senior made true magic happen.

Senior finds inspiration in the natural human condition. A proponent of love, he wants his lyrics to help people connect with each other and find solace.

The artist no longer sees his experiences and feelings as “baggage.” In fact, he uses that medley of emotion to create a delicate balance of relatable lyrics and intricate melodies joint by a vibrant beat.

He wants his fans to know that anyone can achieve anything. Senior began his music career without much help at all and that didn’t stop him from reaping success straight away. It all comes down to internal inspiration and drive.

Senior is working on new music that is eagerly awaited by fans across the globe.

“Trust in me,” one of Senior’s newest recorded songs will also be coming soon alongside “Alexandra.” The releases will start going public on August 15th on all platforms.

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