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Citizen Schraider: A Rapper You Should Get To Know

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Citizen Schraider was born Schraider Romalli Michel to Jean Robert Michel and Ovide Margareth, both members of the Christianity. His father past away in 2008, and his mother still alive according to him.
Citizen Schraider is an Haitian-American singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur.
he was born in Petit-Goâve Haiti on September 16, 1996.
Rapping since the age of 10, Citizen Schraider had more than enough time to find his perfect sound. Learning and listening to artists like
Fantom,Kid Ink,Kerry James,Lil Baby
Besides production work, Citizen also records as an artist himself, both for his own recordings including his 2019 freestyle “24Ba”
beat (produced by: Melodyxbeat)

So far in his short career, Citizen Schraider has amassed over ten thousand total streams,And actually he released his first song when he was 13 or 14 years old under the guidance’s of his friends at the time, who was also penning his rhymes.
which speaks to the virality of his music He has become well-known for his energetic delivery and his fun stage performances,at College Harry Brakeman in Petit-Goâve and cassa blanca in Brooklyn New York where he generally pulls out some goofy dance moves. He considers Fantom one of his biggest influences,naming “Men Non’m Nan” as one of his favorite songs.
His style has been compared to rappers like,Souljaboy,kid Ink Fantom and more.
Since stepping foot in the rap game in 2017, he’s released more than 5 singles and one music video,and also has already collaborated with Baby Stars,Biggy Boy, Lil Dad,Joker Dope.Citizen Schraider is among the new generation of artists, using emotions and aggression to fuel the energy behind his rap bangers.

Citizen Schraider grew up in a hectic environment, surrounded by drugs and alcohol, but that never completely defined him. He always had a passion for music, but it wasn’t until his peers recognized his talent and suggested that he take rap seriously. Eventually his hustle mentality and creativity led him to consistently dropping single after single With authentic punch lines and stern club bangers, he created his own lane of High Class Street Music and also
He is the CEO of his own label Schraider Music Group.

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