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Netflix Series Review – White Lines

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I have to admit, when I saw a new series by Alex Pina I was super excited. Writer and creator of Money Heist (also on Netflix), Alex Pina instantly gained a “Watch Whatever They Make” pass after giving us 4 seasons of a captivating thriller surrounding a complex robbery that makes Oceans 11 look like Point Break. White Lines is absolutely not Money Heist. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. Money Heist set the bar incredibly high and White Lines came just a little short of reaching that mark.

The show opens up on the discovery of a much decomposed body as ‘Zoe Collins’ (played by Laura Haddock) suspects this is her missing brother ‘Axel’. Axel was a DJ who moved away from England while Zoe was a teen and went to Ibiza, Spain to fulfill his dreams. His disappearance and subsequent murder was a mystery for over 20 years and Zoe is determined to find out what happened. In what might be the worst detective work in history, Zoe does everything but solve the crime for weeks. She partakes in drugs, drinking and dick galore before finally realizing she has to find herself before finding her brother’s killer.

Overall entertaining, White Lines earns 7 out of 10 Salutes.


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