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NBA is BACK – Gambling Odds For The Restart

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Its been nearly 5 months since the NBA shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and nobody is more excited than degenerate gamblers that took to betting on live streamed marble races an video game simulations (seriously if you bet a video game simulated game theres a number you should call). With the NBA returning to action tonight we take a look at some odds for the rest of the season because the only thing more exciting than watching sports is losing money on an over because Steve Nash missed a free throw at the end of a game (no I’m not over that loss back in 2013…maybe I should call that number too).

Championship Odds

Lakers and Bucks are the odds on favorite to win the championship at +250 (meaning if you bet 100 dollars you win 250 dollars on top of that). Clippers are right behind them at +333. This is where things get interesting, the Houston Rockets are +1400 (how ready are we to say this title doesn’t count if they win?), the defending champion Raptors are fourth best at +1800. Everyone else is over +2000 and if I were a betting man (I am) I would take multiple flyers at this level because these are the best odds to win big while risking a little.

My Pick: Lakers +250

Best Bet: Philadelphia 76ers +2000

8th Seed Odds

I’d list the odds for the Eastern Conference but its between the Nets, Magic and Wizards… who actually cares?

On to the more interesting race, the Memphis Grizzlies are -143 (meaning you need to bet 143 dollars to win 100). The Pelicans are +300 and the Trailblazers are +400, even though if all teams won the same amount of games the Trailblazers get to play the Grizzlies for the 8th seed in the new Play-In Format. The other teams don’t really have a chance to be the 8th seed unless you want to get frisky with hoping the Mavericks (+50000) lose enough games to get leapfrogged out of their cushy 7th seed.

My Pick: Trailblazers +400

Best Bet: Trailblazers +400

Most Memes Odds

JR Smith is the odds on favorite at -225 with teammate Dion Waiters coming it at +120. Jimmy Butler (+200) isn’t too far behind since he has also has multiple memes already and is my dark-horse to win. Okay, I made these up but seriously we have JR Smith and Dion Waiters on the same team at a venue with a multitude of cameras I can’t wait to see what they pick up.

Best of luck to all my gambling addicts as today is basically Christmas.

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