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How B3t On Yours3lf Brings Out Girl-Power Through Music

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Where words fail, music speaks! Melodies tell us beautiful things about human experiences. At times, it takes away the pain, music heals some people. B3t On Yours3lf is an upcoming hip-hop group made up of Charlie, AK, and Porsha. They’re using a sassy touch to entertain, and unify their fanbase. How do they do this?

A modern-day rap group that is entirely made up of women is far too unfamiliar. Charlie, AK, and Porsha have perfected the art of entertainment. They bring out a sexy appeal that often hides their personalities. Yet, their voices are powerful enough to entice particular segments of listeners. For them, power is important. They have to influence their fans to accept certain ideals. This is how they speak to the world.

B3t On Yours3lf makes refined, and ratchet music. The unapologetic stance they bring out in song lyrics is their signature, perhaps the best way to express their minds. A snip of their latest single ‘They Like’, confirms how Charlie, AK, and Porsha use harmonious anthems to remind people that they deserve the best in life. As you dance to the tune of this song, you realize that there is more to it; a touch of excellence that can only be sustained by talented hip-hop artists.

Charlie, AK, and Porsha consider the studio as their heaven. A place of peace, interaction and sometimes, healing. This is where they exchange ideas on how to come up with the next piece. Interestingly, they know each other’s stories and experiences, as this is what eventually makes up the lyrics of the music they produce. Well, this is also the point where their alter egos come into play and are redirected into their performance. AK considers herself to be a confident, dramatic, and a fierce woman. Charlie has a particular liking to anime characters, always looking for something that can extinguish her enemies. Porsha is a vigilante by day and a hippie rap rockstar by night. The combination of these personalities is exquisite when trying to come up with a musical masterpiece. However, Charlie, AK, and Porsha never sign off anything until the whole room agrees with them. Teamwork brings out the magic.

B3t On Yours3lf is on the verge of becoming a prominent rap group. While their background efforts might not be realized, one cannot fail to appreciate the resilience showed by Charlie, AK, and Porsha. This is one strategy they are using to venture into the male-dominated music genre. Uniqueness in their music, coupled with their brassy personalities, makes everything work out to their favor. The power to exemplify in all their performances deservedly belongs to their fans.

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