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“Rapping is my form of art. Rapping is just telling a story on beat, and I think I’m pretty good at that!” –Blakk Gawd

Born in San Diego, California, brought up in Slidell, Louisiana, and now settled down in Colorado Springs, Colorado Blakk Gawd has been around the world and speaks his life through his music. Rapping since the age of 10, Blakk Gawd had more than enough time to find his perfect sound. Learning and listening to artists like 2pac, Jcole, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, and Wale; Blakk fell in love with the storytelling and metaphorical lyricism. “To the Fullest” a track off Blakk Gawd’s first album “Loki” gives the musical audience an introduction to who Blakk Gawd is and what he stands for. Blakk forces his listeners to listen on a deeper level with his voice, his message, his God fearing mentality, and image.

“To The Fullest was created because I wanted the world to understand there is no reason to live in a box. It’s your life, live it to the fullest with no regrets”

Blakk Gawd is also the creator of C7Official, or C7 for short. The motto for this Gawd family/organization is “If it ain’t C7, then what is it?”

“The “C” stand for Christ, the “7” stand for the seven days God took to create the world and rest in it. If you put them together it makes a “G” which stands for “God”. We were made in his likeness so we too are gawds. If you read and understand John 14:6, then you know Christ is the official way to God. Christ is official, C7official. When I say “If it ain’t C7, then what is it?” it means if it ain’t about God then what is there really to talk about? Once one understand that we are supreme, you look at life the way a Gawd is supposed to look at life”

 From creating tracks that are heartfelt like, “To the Fullest” and “Lord Forgive Me”, to upbeat tracks like “Fressh Fressh” and “Meow”, to chill vibes like “Dream” and “Love like This”, Blakk has no issues showing how versatile he can be when it comes to making music. Blakk Gawd was able to build himself a fan base by running ads and being presented on mixtapes  like “Who’s Dropping Game vol. 8” hosted by Gillie the King and “Eastside Raps vol. 5” hosted by Dave East. Working alongside Australian producer Vix bangz, Blakk currently has two independent albums out “Loki” and “Blakk Bianchi” and multiple singles to help create the notion that rapping is his God given talent. Blakk Gawd is on a mission to showcase that talent to the world. Hopefully the world will be ready to receive him. To find out more about Blakk Gawd, visit   or follow him on Instagram @C7_BlakkGawd.

To watch “To the Fullest” video click the link below


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