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Javier Fever Releases Sin Ti (Remix)

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The Puerto Rican artist Javier Fever just released a Remixed version of his single “Sin Ti” he explained that this song is very special to him since it’s a song that he wrote when he was deeply in love with a girl that he thought was the one. (she wasn’t) although he is happy with the experiences that he went through with her, because of that he ended writing “Sin Ti” which is now getting a remixed version and like he said “a better and improved version” of an experience that i will probably never forget.
The first version of Sin ti was loved by Javier and Javier’s fans which also another why he decided to release a remixed version. The original version of Sin Ti had a good impact with 140,000 views Youtube and when Sin Ti (Remix) was released the views keep rising quicker than the original version. At this time Sin Ti (Remix) has 373,000 views surpassing the original version of Sin ti.
Javier also gave advice to other musicians about getting hurt and turning it into something better. Or in his words; every time you get hurt by someone , every time you cry for someone always remember it and write a song about it. You never know if that person that hurts you is gonna end up making your dreams come true.

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