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P1 Goes To ‘W.A.R.’ On New Album!

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Roddy Ricch collaborator and former D Smoke student, P1 (@GrandCampP1) follows up past drops “Hold Me Down, “Street Niggas,” and “Big On Big,” with the release of his latest full length project World Ain’t Ready. The 15-track body of work reveals the South Central-LA native’s true identity in not only his musicianship and dedication to the art, but also the way in which he navigates through everyday life. Introspective songs like “Still I Rise,” “Gang Huddle”, and “Malcolm X” detail his unwavering persistence, while records like “Pray For Me” and “Something Real” showcase his vulnerable side. W.A.R.’s title track creates a multidimensional listening experience, pairing hard-hitting beats with melodies that round out the pieces.

P1 on the project:

“My goal for this project was to just make some good music and elevate the quality every time I record. I ended up exceeding my expectations. That’s why I called it ‘World Ain’t Ready’, because the world ain’t ready. They ain’t ready for the new sound of the west. I had no money. I didn’t have any guidance. Everything I have is from personal experience. I just had to play the cards I was dealt. This is gonna be game-changing. The quality of music I put out is so versatile. I go through every emotion. Women, religion, crime, success, just everything. Taking you through an emotional rollercoaster. Giving you something to feel as opposed to just hear. ‘World Ain’t Ready’ is an acronym for “W.A.R.,” and the term “war” just evokes so many images and feelings.”

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