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QuanDot And Mone 2Much Come Out Swinging And Release “Behind The Scenes”

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Today’s music industry is dominated by catchy hooks, and melodic phrases paired with hard hitting, line for line, bars. QuanDot and Mone 2Much from Columbus, Ohio do exactly that by releasing their first collaboration project called “Behind The Scenes”.

One notable mention from the album is the song called “Slide”. With this being the sixth track on the album, it is at the perfect place to catch the unsuspecting streamer off guard. The beat is hard hitting and is paired with trap vocals that give off a strong presence. The lyrics are also memorable as they talk about how they will catch anyone who talks against the rappers names.

One feature QuanDot And Mone 2Much brought on the project was 415rezzo who made his first Spotify debut on this record. With all of the rappers being friends, this project meant more than just a profitable album. It has unified them as a collective as well as bringing attention to their names in Columbus, Ohio.

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