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One Lou’s, ‘Lessons’ album will improve your outlook on life

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One Lou’s biggest goal has always been to allow his music to inspire those that have faced similar struggles, by teaching them that there’s a positive way out of any circumstance. With his latest album Lessons, he does just that. The album features a mixture of contemporary hip-hop, high energy, old-school, and conscious hip-hop (a little bit of everything for everyone). One Lou draws inspiration from artists like J. Cole,Anderson .Paak, Russ, T.I., Joyner Lucas, Master P, and many others.We asked One Lou about his songs, “Mind Over Muscle” and “Goin’ Thru It”:“Mind Over Muscle” is about how when you’re grinding, some people will try to stop you. They will set you up so that you can make mistakes and fail. I’m making sure that you get back to conquering that goal you set out to, despite whatever or whoever gets in your way.

“Goin’ Thru It” Is a song about feeling alone and understanding that no one else is going to make the necessary changes. Making it your destiny to be the voice of change, by creating a positive spin on any negative circumstance. I’m letting people know that I’m also going through it, but there is nothing we can’t get through! The New York native, Luis “One Lou” Rivera Jr. is an African-American rapper, writer and record producer. In 1995, his family relocated to Kissimmee, Florida and in 2013, he moved across the country to Colorado Springs, Colorado. He then there created E.G.O (Energy Given Off) Feeders LLC in 2016. One Lou has performed at several venues and events in New York and Colorado (and plans to tour again in the near future).

Stream ‘Lessons’ on all streaming platforms and see why One Lou isn’t just an
“upcoming artist,” but here to stay. Lastly, be on the lookout for his upcoming music
video for “Good Life,” it will be his best one yet!

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