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Interview With T$E Murda from No Cap Empire

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What is your biggest achievement?

“Buying my mom a cash car!”

Who is your biggest inspiration?

“Lil Baby because of his style and movement .”

Where do you see yourself in 1 year?

“Chilling with Hustleman thinking about our next M or project!.”

Where are you from?

“Jasper county ridgeland sc but I also rep Columbia sc 843-803.”

How old are you?

“19 and counting.”

Are you currently employed? Are you working on any projects?

“Yes I do welding on the side and yes dropping a EP soon titled How I Feel.”

Who’s your top 3 greatest of all time / dead or alive?

“Lil Baby Michel Jackson Tupac.”

What are you in this industry for ?

“To expand and help others also make a name!”

How long have you been making music?

“5 years.”

What’s your next move ?

“Couple videos and an EP coming soon!.”

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