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Hollywood Celebs Interviews T10

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” When I first heard his Music, I knew he was Star “, Denzell tells Complex. “Twenty seconds into the video, I wanted to sign him, We played his music in the Office that whole morning. It was immediately clear that he was not only an incredibly talented rapper but also has a Diverse Sound & melody. His world play & the dynamic in his voice hooked me. When we finally meet him and sat down & he played us his music, i knew we found Talent. We hit it off right away. We spent the entire night with him & flew him to Miami, the next morning to discuss deals.”

Now, T10 says he’s just trying to get heard by more people, as he collects a large stash of unreleased music that includes collaborations with some of the hottest rappers in the game right now. When you hear T10’s Spoon song, it’s clear he isn’t the type of artist whose only goal is to get as popular, T10 has something to say, After just a few minutes, speaking with him, you get a sense he has a need to be heard.

Age: 22

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana.

What inspired you to make music:

Too many people seen potential in me, complete strangers so if a random could see that much faith in me, I should be able to see it in myself, alot of people want see me make it.

For someone who has never heard your music before, how would you describe it:

Hyperactive soon as that shit come on, you going get Hype. My music real, You can feel that shit. I be trying to make my music for everybody, I never think small when I make songs, I rap from a General Angle, everybody could feel that shit.

Will you try to keep balancing singing with rapping in your songs:

Yeah, I like rapping on that Auto Tune, it give the song feeling, without it sometimes the music be feeling plain.

At what point did you start taking music more seriously:

When I started seeing I really got die heart T10 fans & I knew how far i could go, I’m like I know I could be a Star so I started taking that shit serious, I was in the studio everyday, every week we was in somebody state making music.

How would you describe your music Style And Has it been compared:

No, because aint nobody got my style, ain’t nobody got my flow, they can’t match this shit & I sound different on every song.

What is your Biggest Record to date have been:

“I got a song called “Big Foot”, it’s at bout +3 Million Streams. It was one of the first big ones for me. I made that song in like 8 mins, I said whatever came to mind, that’s what made it went viral on Twitter.

I’ve seen you do a dance in your Big Foot Video & dance a little in your music videos, too. Is that something you want to do more?

Fuck, no. [Laughs]. I ain’t no dancer, yo. Only dance move, I know is that big foot, my fans love that shit, they be doing it better then me.

I’ve seen several viral videos of your Dance to Big Foot, what be your reaction when you see them?

I be laughing, they be tagging me in all type of shit, Everybody like that song & the dance.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Famous Rapper:

“Meeting my fans, they be hype ass hell, one of’em tattooed my name on her Shoulder, I be talking pictures everywhere I go at”

I seen you did a food giveaway In New Orleans, Why is it important for you to give back?

Everybody round me rich, where im at In life, I wouldn’t feel right not giving back, I ain’t never think I was going have enough money to give way, Now that it’s here, I just want to make sure I do right with it, I want people to be like, “They gave the right little n***a some money.” So, anytime I have a chance to do something good, i do it, whether it’s small or Big, everything counts.

Why you moved from New Orleans:

It was stopping me from reaching my potential. When I’m in the city all I think is murder & hustling so I couldn’t really focus on music, a hundred percent. Since, I moved I ain’t gotta do none of that shit, I still keep that bitch on me, I just ain’t gotta be so guarded all the time cause Nobody don’t know me, in my neighborhood it’s all white rich people, I’m the only black nigga, I could do what I want.

It really help me focus more & think broader, in New Orleans you can’t do that, nigga see you elevating, nigga going smoke you.

Do you have relationship with other rappers in your city?

No. Them bitch ass niggas insecure, . They be hollering, telling me keep going & shit but I don’t be want hear that shit. They could watch everything a nigga do & know every song word by word but wouldn’t post a Nigga, them niggas fuck boy not all of’em but most of’em, rapping buku shit they ain’t never did.

Every day, there are hundreds of new rappers who pop up. What separates you from everyone else?

I don’t pay attention to Niggas. I listen to instrumentals all day, this my life fr, I’m not doing this shit for fun or no money, like I’m really invested in this shit, so I dont too much care about other rappers, I ain’t competing, it’s not a race, we could all make good music.

Have any other artists or producers reached out to you?

Yeah, niggas send me beats all day & I got some songs with some off the hottest rappers in the game right nah, When I drop brother, we taking tf off yo.

What’s your main goal right now at this stage in your career:

Networking, Branding & Making Good Music. I’m trying to sell 1,000,000 (Million) Copies, When my album drop, in order to do what I’m trying to do, I gotta meet new people & get myself out there, so that’s what I been focusing on Pr Teams, increasing my Seo & studying music analytics, Preparing myself so we could do these type numbers, cause the music there, we just gotta pull in the Fans”

What’s the most important thing you want people to know about you right now?

I just want them to know I’m going be the next superstar, get to know me why you can, type of money I’m getting you probably never get round me again.

My goal in this Music Industry is:

I want my fans to love me to death. You know how you be seeing them artists with big ass cult fan bases? I want something like that. A Worldwide Fanbase.

I’m going to be the next:

Superstar Artist.

T10 has been on Many Media Outlets, Such As Worldstar, Forbes, BetJams & More.

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