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Kanye West – Album Rollout Or Cry For Help?

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This isn’t a post about Kanye West. Yes I clickbaited you. No I’m not ashamed. Mental health isn’t a myth. It isn’t just a Charlamagne Tha God interview question or a Joe Budden song theme. It is a real issue plaguing many in the world especially during these unprecedented times. As we watch and speculate (correctly or incorrectly, that is besides the point) the mental health status of a man once adored by the majority of our culture, I would like to try to shift that attention into very pressing concerns. The mental health of yourselves and those you care about. I’m not an expert so I will cede my time to highlight some resources that may help. If you or someone close to you is suffering, these are a couple places to start, as there are plentiful resources a simple Internet search will yield.


National Institute Of Mental Health


Center for Disease Control Coronavirus Guide For Mental Health

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