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$30,000 Gucci Bike Is Gifted to Lil Pump From Graham Kramer On Behalf Of Rumor and Rumor Records

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The bicycle is one of a kind, limited edition from the luxury brand Gucci. The $30,000 bike comes custom made with some of Gucci’s best products. Including, custom Gucci decal wrapped bike seat, two Gucci bags one on each side of the bike, Gucci coloring on the frame and even a Gucci wallet attached up near the handle bars. It’s a very unique and classy gift from the founder of Rumor and Rumor Records, Graham Kramer to Lil Pump.

Graham Kramer and Rumor Records have been making a killing in the music industry and decided to put out a little bit more drama with the gift to Lil Pump. The record company is continuing to make its mark on the music scene and will be a force for years to come.

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