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Sometime in the past week it came to light that racists in Valley Stream, NY were harassing their neighbor, a Black single mother. A picture of her front door draped in a letter exhibiting a plea for help went viral and that is when twitter user @Flow349 took to action. Many people talk about change and what they would like to see happen, this young man made it happen. Flow has been putting in 12 hour shifts watching over this mother’s home (after speaking with her and making sure this was okay), this is what I imagine Black women mean when they say #ProtectBlackWomen.

For what is now 4 days straight he has parked outside and observed to ensure Jennifer’s safety. I spoke with him briefly on his break from his day job (yes he has been spending his nights protecting his people and then going into work), to just make sure his story is told as scammers were using his name to gain financially. I asked Flow what was the impetus to his impromptu version of Neighborhood Watch, he expressed how “I was tired of marching… ironically we’re marching today but let’s also try something else”. “Everyone’s solution has been march and vote in November, but we could do both of those things and still be in danger every single day” he continued. Flow has had a few people join him on his watch over her home, both men and women, on their quest to protect Black women. Flow also described the atmosphere while he has been on his watch, which he live-streams daily to ensure transparency if any was to occur. Local politician, Michaëlle Solages, requested police presence but Flow confirmed for her the police presence seemed to be guarding the racists rather than Jennifer. Assemblywoman Solages has even joined Flow for the last 2 mornings in a commendable show of compassion. According to him and his video evidence, for the first couple of days the police would seem to be watching Flow rather than the racist neighbors, including what he witnessed to be federal agents that slept inside the house. He believes one of the neighbors is an ex-police officer from the information he gathered around the neighborhood.

Today they march to bring more awareness to the tyranny of living next to racists. This is a prime example of the good that can come from highlighting a problem on social media and the good people that come together for a noble cause. #ProtectBlackWomen.


Through the sleepless nights, @Flow349 has proved, he’s Bout That Action.


The protest/march is going on right now starting at the Valley Stream train station.

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