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Silent Entertainment Artist Triple R Baby Boy Makes His Debut

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Amidst COVID, Triple R Baby emerges despite the pandemic with a collective of energetic and melodic music for his first debut. “Bottom Boy” illustrates the highs and lows of Triple R’s day to day interactions growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. Aggressive by nature, Triple R channels that energy into “No Cap” and “Bag Talk”. He introduces a softer side with “Dream Girl” and “True Emotions”. Then pours his hopes into “Today” and “Get to the Money”. He exhibits raw truth in “Obituary”, “Section 8” and “Money Problems”. A talent that will soon be attracting the eyes and ears of the industry’s elite, Triple R welcomes us into his world with beats that refuse to release us. There is no denying his exclusive style and motivating messages wrapped in blankets of analogies. A real live tale of his life with no fabrication, you immediately imagine what it’s like to walk down his streets. Features by label mate Boxx Check, young phenom Lil Poppa and Louisiana artist Liband assist Triple R Baby with ensuring his presence is felt. On a non-stop ride to ensure that the world around knows his name, Triple R released the visual for “Dream Girl” today! Check it out

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