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SAI takes on Racism, Police Brutality and others issues in America with new track “Sadder Days”

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The Jamaican/American artist SAI from the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, New York with his latest release “Sadder Days”, takes a hard look at serious topics society struggles with today. The song takes subject matter such as police brutality, racism, and corruption in today’s government head on, all while keeping the listeners engaged with a rhythmic flow and catchy hook, even with the seriousness the message holds.

In what proves to be a perfect combination together Sai teams up with up-and-coming producer J. Wyte and the pair match perfectly on record together.

In previous interviews Sai has mentioned some of his influences to have been Jay-Z and Nas who he listened to from an early age, and with the lyrical content he displays in Sadder Days the influences from these artists clearly shine through and are easy for the listener to hear.

SAI has been a member of Safaree’s “Stunt Gang” since he was approached by the artist back in 2017 and the team have been pumping out music together since.

We last remember hearing Sai on a song called teamwork with label mate and Stung Gang CEO Safaree and although the songs have a completely different vibe, we can definitely understand why Safaree moved quickly to sign this talent. When asking around within Sai’s camp, with the success from “Sadder Days” new music has been mentioned to be in the pipeline for Sai and his team to release immediately. We are definitely excited to see what direction he heads next, as well as hear more of what SAI has to offer throughout 2020.

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