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Zenix Universe – “Likk”

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Let’s start with the fact Zenix Universe just crushed his new single! From his odd fast pace rhyme scheme to his animated lyricism, it is bound to keep you wanting to listen over and over again!

Zenix Universe is a rising 22 year old artist and brand specialist from Bronx, New York. He founded an agency called ZBJ Agency that has worked with big brands like Disney, Vice, Red-bull Songs & More. Zenix taken 200+ brands from 0 to 100k revenue in under 6 months working closely with a-lot of known brands & celebs such as Vice, Def Jam, Disney Radio, Red bull, Yung Bans, Aja9, Kevin Maya, John Henry, Wallstreetpaper, Devanondeck and plenty more.

Amazing accolades at such a young age, it’s crazy to see him balancing his business life and his music life.

People often say Zenix Universe’s music reminds them of a blend of trap with a vapor-wave aesthetic, but a hint of trance melodies. A weird mix right? Sound like a-lot to digest, I know. But to our surprise, it’s surprisingly really catchy and sometimes even soothing! How some lines float in your head it’s like he’s creating a sound before it’s time, I can easily understand why it could be under-appreciated in todays current time. But we see alot of potential in Zenix’s future and you should keep an eye out for him.

We asked Zenix about his inspiration’s in the Music Industry, and A lot of his influences are from Chopped & Screwed culture in Houston. You can certainly hear it in how he mixes, certain song’s like “Emoji” and “Closeminded”. There are a few other’s that stand out like Travis Scott, MF Doom, Young Thug, ThouxanbanFauni, Sade, & Helica.

It will be exciting to see what Zenix has coming in the the future!


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