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RC International – EP Release “Love Me Like I’m Dead”

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RC International released his newest project to-date titled, “Love Me Like I’m Dead”. Although he’s based in New Orleans, the artist’s goal is to reach listeners on a, well, international level.

With inspirations like Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar, his sound is versatile. “Lil Wayne played a major part in my career,” he shares. No single genre can label the kind of music RC International creates.

“I wrote over 500 songs during the 7 years I was incarcerated,” the artist stated. It was then that he knew music was his route.

The five song EP consists of hits like “Direct Deposit” and “Two-Three”. “I want to reach the masses,” he concludes. With an impressive cover art to match his music, “Love Me Like I’m Dead” will take the artist’s career to the next level.

Check out his EP below:

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