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Dice Bangga Known as Sohollywood Dice is An On the Rise Force to Be Reckoned With

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Who is Dice Bangga aka Sohollywooddice ?

Dice Bangga is an up and coming artist from The Bronx, New York. Dice has had much success this year with his current releases including “Goat”, “Gwuap”, “Like That” and “Aye” which also have the videos now on YouTube for viewing. Dice Bangga’s consistency is what makes him a force in the industry. Totaling over 70,000 views alone on YouTube his numbers continue to grow at an astronomical rate. This artist has definitely been putting in overtime with his brand and it shows.

Check out Dice Bangga’s latest interview below:

Interviewer: “What is your recent song that you just released and how did it come about?”

Dice: “I just released a song titled “Goat” that is on all platforms and currently has a video on YouTube also and the song was just a vibe I was feeling at the moment. “Aye” is one of my most popping tracks right now so let’s get into that and oh ! “Like That” just dropped not that long ago as well. These tracks are all hits forreal and need to be heard by the masses.”

Interviewer: “Okay, Awesome. How do you create your tracks?

Dice: “Man, it’s raw passion. I create what I feel and create what I want at the time. My style is different and I enjoy creating different styles of songs.”

Interviewer: “ Okay, What can we expect from you this coming year.

Dice: “ You can expect to see me all over the world. I’m not letting up and I’m applying more pressure each day with each project and each venture.”

Interviewer: “Awesome. Your music is awesome Dice ! Keep getting it to the masses! It was nice speaking with you and we hope to catch up with you again in the near future.”

Dice: “Thanks for speaking with me.”

Check out Dice Banggas content below:

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