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MPL Tay – “All Grown Ups Uncut”

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MPL Tay is probably one of the dopest artists you haven’t heard of! Off bat, his most popular, “Eazy T” off his most recent release “All Grown Ups Uncut” has a new age Eazy E vibe within the beat (obviously), but has an extremely fun and energetic tone that is bound to make any club or car turn up.

From the outside looking in, Tay has a very fun and outgoing outlook on music and you can feel it in his energy. After listening to the entire “All Grown Ups Uncut” Album, not one song had a slow vibe, Tay was made to create club music. Each song, after a short intro, presented a heavy bass, drop intense, beat with hype vocals mashing together, it is truly an experience while riding with the top down on the freeway doing 80+.

Now knowing what we know about Tay and his music, we can’t help but anticipate his newest Album titled “Temperamental Active” releasing July 24th, 2020. Be on the lookout and make sure you follow him on all social media to stay up to date with other movements.


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