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Interview With Nodis

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Are you going to stay Independent?

I be seeing artist who are signed to labels have less monthly listeners than me, It’s not like the label clicks a magical button that can just make you an overnight star or they would do it with all their artists.. I don’t see their streams go up and they are signed to a major like that’s scary.

What are some goals for yourself as an artist at this point of your career?

If my mixtape “I DROPPED A PROJECT” can catapult my career like “So Far Gone” did for Drake then im fuckin in there.

How does being from Virginia inspire your music?

I mean VA got the waviest artist. Being from there is inspiring because you got pioneers like Pharell, Timbaland, Missy Elliot, The Clipse… it’s like you got to be great.

I had to click up with the most talented people around me in my area.. I was in bumb fuck Virginia, I wasnt in LA or NY. So that helped too. We all had a similar vision.

What is it that your fans should understand about your Story?

I overcame a lot. I was eating outside at a restaurant and I looked at a homeless person walking by and suddenly had a flashback of what I looked like when I was on drugs. Im not even trippin off drugs anymore, I have no urge to go back there. I love writing about it and I still have those nights full of fuckery with girls and my boys, my life is fun and I hope you hear that through my music.

Describe your creative process?

It took me almost a year to make my mixtape “I DROPPED A PROJECT” I write, then re-write over and over again until I feel it’s perfect. I mean until version 17.4 and we might choose version 3. I love feed back, even though sometimes it fucking breaks me but then I get my mind to it and I rewrite again. We started dropping the singles 6 months ago and I was writing as we were going. I locked in with Avedon where all I did was write and sleep.

Who are your favorite artists and producers?

Avedon is my favorite producer he’s like my spirit animal with this music shit. He also produces a bunch for Trippie & RUSS who i’m a fan of. My boy Sergio Cortez moved out here from VA to engineer and produce for me, hes a fuckin beast too.

Some artists I like are Juice Wrld RIP, Dominic Fike, Baby Keem.

Who are you talking about in “I Love You But Fuck You”

My Ex Kim. We were together for like 2 years but it was mad, toxic, broken phones, scratches all on my face, all that wild shit. The line that describes it most was “Always on a hold up, he tellin you that it’s over, He tryna get you unsober, You really just want your closure, And nothing is ever over, And nothing is ever this”

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