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DJ Leach – “My Year”

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New York State’s up and coming influential artist DJLeach has been creating very strong buzz these last few months. With being featured on the big hit song “420” released by artists Jake Strain, Afroman and Yung Fate and his latest hit single “My Year” in which he planned to give his fans and the world some positivity with a message that could lift everybody up and inspire people during this tough time. He says in the ballad “this gon be my day, this gon be my night this gon be my year I’m gon be okay I’m gon be alright.” Letting fans know to look at this year in a positive perspective. Along with his massive successful start to 2020, he has finally announced the title of his super anticipated album.The album title being “On My Arm” might be hinting to his music note tattoo that is on his arm that we have seen in past photos.It could equally represent his love for music as well. The record was set to drop earlier this year but the global pandemic set DJLeach, his management and crew back alongside the whole music industry. Rumors about his album date and title have been surfacing for about two years now. We know he wholly wanted the best for his debut album. He has been working very hard to get everything set and ready and just right for his fans. We do know of a few featured artists that he plans to have on the album including big names like Jake Strain, MUNESHOT, Chase Papers and Ricky Bandana. From sources we heard he planned to include a feature on each anthem with a tracklist of 20 songs. That could additionally be another factor that has set this release back. That’s okay though, we know that the longer we wait, the better the project it will be. At this time we merely possess the title of the record right now but the album could release around late summer to September.

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