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Detroit’s Own QuanTum Is Taking Miami By Storm

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Marquan Williams aka “Quantum” was born in Detroit, MI USA. He had a hard childhood after the death of his great grandmother and had to face many struggles coming up in life. He only began traveling several years ago as an adult. Being invited to Thailand by a spiritual healer who gave him a free reading, several sessions and paid for his travels. During the Thailand journey he began practicing meditation, sungazing, sexual energy amplification and psychic development exercises. As he became more in tune with the energies around him he also became financially unstable. Quan started his Instagram page @thequantumplane in November 2018 while homeless in Koh phangan, Thailand and on a Visa Overstay. He had to face depression alone and had no money to survive but overall he kept pushing forward and stayed positive. MarQuan is a true believer in spiritual power and universal laws. He looked within and started to reshape his thoughts and ways of thinking. By March 2019, his IG account hit 10k followers and he finally learned about becoming an influencer. In July 2019, he developed his first private monetized network and the idea of Viral Influencer Promotions (TheVIP Network) was created. Now only a year later he has a partnership with one of the largest growing PR Firms and Social Media Agency “Eyefuel PR”. Together this collaboration gave birth to Eyefuel Influencers and revamping The VIP Network.

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