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About The People Film Review

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By Jean Paul Cortorreal


There’s something to be said about a film about a specific moment in time that feels evergreen. About The People is just that, an evergreen short film that addresses the systemic oppression of Black and Brown people. The film takes place inside of a closed-door meeting of the minds where Black men from an array of different backgrounds come together to discuss ideas for empowerment.


The film though released in 2019, addresses many issues that have constantly plagued our communities and that is even addressed in the dialogue of the film. With some history lessons and ego checks the room of men soon come to some understanding that together is how they fight. At first glance, I had some reservations about a story about the plight of the Black and Brown communities without the representation of Black women in the room (trying to avoid spoilers), but this is also addressed in a way that much resembles how this occurs in real life today.


Featuring a marvelous performance from lead and executive producer Michael Kenneth Williams (When They See Us, The Night Of, The Wire), About The People’s is casted wonderfully. Diggy Simmons and writer of the film Coffey had the standout performances in my opinion where they sold their roles perfectly. Coffey plays “The Militant” role like he wrote it for himself, and Diggy captures the youthful energy mixed with naïveté that bleeds through the screen. Writers Coffey and Samuel K Rhind did a marvelous job of conveying a lot of the feelings that come with these kinds of conversations and Director Sterling Milan captured powerful shots to make sure the audience felt what was being conveyed. All in all, About The People is a must watch for anyone looking to have these conversations that are necessary for the empowerment of Black and Brown people.


I give this film 8.5 SALUTES out of 10.



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