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Kidd Fresh from Portland, Oregon Drops Hit Record!

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Kidd Fresh – Maybe ft. Iceygurl

1. What’s the most important part of a song ? The instruments or the vocals?
The most important part of the songs is the vocals . Why because what you say and how you sound matters .

2. Do you like underground/mainstream/both?
I like all kinds of music . Listening to other sounds improves my art.

3. Have you made or spent more money on your music career?
I’ve spent more money on my career . I say the more you invest in yourself the less you have to worry if others will.

4. How do you feel about the Coronavirus?
The coronavirus is not as effective as I thought it would be but I do make sure everyone around me takes the correct precautions before we do anything.

5. When’s your next song drop?
I’m dropping my first album soon. The next song off of my album will probably be on July 4th 2020.

6. If you could sign one artist from your area besides yourself who would it be?
The artist that I would sign would be my big sister Low . Everything I know she’s taught me . Her bars are different and as her style she’s underrated.

7. Apple Music or Spotify?
I do Apple and Spotify.

8. Do you do original music or remixes?
I make my own music. I write my own music, sometimes engineer my own music, everything is from me except my beats.

9. Do you get more love from your local area or out of town?
Very few local support but other states love me.

10. Have you ever had writer’s block, how do you get back in the zone?
Writer’s block is gonna be something an artist will always go through.
Take a few moments away from it just let my mind relax for a bit, listen to the beat for a minute and let my thoughts flow.

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