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Kyrie Irving, Master of Splitting Defenders, and Everyone Else

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By Jean Paul Cortorreal

We’ve all seen the video of Team USA scrimmage where Kyrie Irving splits one elite NBA player after another. This seems to be how he operates in regular life as well. With the NBA set to return July 31st, players have been communicating about not letting the momentum the fight for rights with Kyrie spearheading the charge. It seems he and other players want to sit out completely to not distract from getting actual change. Whichever side of the fence you stand, there is one thing that is clear, its time for unity.

Like Malcolm and Martin, every movement will have people with different methods, and it is important to simply not choose sides. It is possible to just agree things have to be done and not condemn those who make their choices. Some players will play; some may not; this moment is bigger than any championship and we have to let the players decide how to display that. In the end change is happening and the stars of the NBA will be sure to make their voice heard.

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