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ThomasMBeats Interview

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Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?

Starting from a young age around 5 was when my father gifted me a keyboard for christmas. I gradually started getting good at playing from watching him over the years because he also produced, rap, & DJ. Around the age of 12, I started taking piano lessons with a program sponsored by Wayne State University. This increased my skills with chord progressions and influenced me to start making my own music with the piano. From then until high school, I practiced learning how to play known songs from Youtube which also increased my music passion. I started producing beats freshman year of high school and also joined the Ferndale High School choir. This increased my local fan base and influenced me to start advance with producing and utilizing my vocals. I stacked up on making tons of beats in high school, and when I got to college at Central Michigan University, I sold tons of beats and made around 200 monthly from it. Having so many friends that loved to rap in college also helped me become a great engineer. I used to be the guy who everyone went to when they wanted to make a song. I then was found on IG by Versatile G, who is now my manager, from one of my artist’s pages. He has recently been guiding me as a musician and helping me network with other creatives. My producer name is Thomasmbeats but my artist name is known as Tommy M. I chose both to keep it respective to my own name and to show how versatile I am.