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Even MJ Needed A Pippen

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By Jean Paul Cortorreal


No team sports championship was ever won by one person, and similarly no great TV show propelled to the heights of popularity with one character doing all the heavy lifting. We’re here to highlight and rank the realest of the Pippen’s that powered every top man on our favorite shows. If you don’t like spoilers and haven’t watched maybe the best TV shows ever, what have you been doing during quarantine? Do you have a cool new hobby? Well either way watch some of these shows and appreciate the Realest Pippen On TV.


First off lets start off with some dishonorable mentions, the absolute worst second fiddles to ever live on TV.


Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)- Seriously, the creators of the show wanted to murder him after one season but the fans liked him so they kept him along. Fuck up after fuck up Pinkman was the cause of a lot of the problems that needed to be solved, overall just a shitty wingman.


Stringer Bell (The Wire)- Anytime your second in charge wants to be in charge you are for sure in some trouble. Snitched on the top dog Avon, had Avon’s Nephew murdered in case he snitched and then fucked his baby mother. Ceremoniously murdered, the only just end for such a terrible number 2.


Christopher Moltisanti (The Sopranos)- Man… he might’ve been top 3 TV Pippen if not for the heroin addiction and the snitching girlfriend and the finally being murdered after basically telling mob secrets to his movie business friend. Tony ended up choking the life out of Chris after a car accident, ending his run with the Soprano mob family.


Now onto the cream of the crop, every team needs players like these on their roster.



  1. Tommy Egan (Power)- The world was never the same when introduced to this possible psychopath. He maintained an affluent drug operation and somehow managed to escape the police for years while showing up to multiple crime scenes in a purple muscle car. I do not know what is more impressive his penchant for murder or his ability to instantly find parking in every NYC neighborhood. He had mixed results as a the main fiddle but there was no denying his strength as Ghost’s Pippen



  1. Roland “Wee-Bey” Brice (The Wire) – The Barksdale enforcer turned de facto number 2 when Avon was arrested, Wee-Bey took loyalty to a new level. Neglecting his family, admitting to murders that he didn’t commit for the greater good of the crime mob, he was an exemplary teammate albeit a terrible person. Wee-Bey also brought us one of the greatest memes in meme history, that alone gives him a top 3 spot on this list the admitting to murder while having police deliver him meals is just the kicker.


  1. Harry “Opie” Winston (Sons Of Anarchy)- Lifelong gang member, Opie was Jackson Teller’s number 2 and literally gave his all to the gang. Wife murdered by his fellow members under false suspicions, then he ultimately gave his life up to ensure the survival of the rest of his crew while locked up. Opie was the definition of ride or die, and he rode till the end.



Honorable mentions, Aunt Louie (Snowfall), Dembe (The Blacklist), Mr. Robot (Mr. Robot), Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones), Missandei (Game of Thrones)

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