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Atlanta native Neva Failin’ opens for Lil Durk at Yung Joc’s Club South Beach in Atlanta.

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We linked up with Neva Failin’ right before his show with Lil Durk just to see where his head was before the performance. He is definitely nothing less than a showman when it comes to taking the stage. His performances are just a bit more exclusive than your normal artist. First of all, on most occasions he takes the stage with several gorgeous women. On this night, if it would be the same scenario except the females would seemingly all have on black lingerie to set things off. I guess the old saying reigns true again “Sex sells”.

Club South Beach was packed shoulder to shoulder this night, almost seemed like everyone in the city wanted to catch this Lil Durk and Neva Failin show. Other notable acts were Jhonni Blaze and Just Brittany. The atmosphere in South Beach was like none other.You just knew the headliners had something special in store for the audience. Yung Joc recently promoted on his

As Neva Failin heads to the stage, being the showman he is, he brings the attention to the outfits of his dancers as he helps them onto the stage. The crowd can’t take their eyes off these half naked gorgeous females, it was like standing in the line, paying the admission, being packed shoulder to shoulder was all worth it at this point. He opens up saying “I know, I can’t help it, they all wanted to be here for me tonight, wasn’t bout to say no” then laughed. After that, being as humble as possible he then gave his shoutouts to the club owner Yung Joc and the promoter who booked him Lennox and the show started, one for the ages.

Neva Failin’ opens the show with VVs, one of his most popular songs on all streaming platforms. After that, he debuted his upcoming single “What The Like” featuring some of his FOA camp. Believe me, the ladies did not loose energy throughout this performance, it’s like the whole club was riding the wave at this point. He then went into his single he had just released “Juggin Bih” this would have the crowd on his vibe, waiting to see what’s next. The close things out of course he had to take it to another level, an additional 3 twerkers took the stage for his camps hit single “Dat Luh Ahh”. When I said combined with the atmosphere, he out did himself for sure, implanting him into the ranks of Atlanta’s crowd favorites.

If you like to keep up with Neva Failin’ and his rise to fame please visit his website at www. or his social media @nevafailin on all platforms for music drop updates and show information. You will not be disappointed!

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