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Dydmos Representing Canada Heavy

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Thomas Young AKA Dydmos is a 22 year old Songwriter, Vocalist and Business Owner. He is the Owner of IXXI RECORDS, an Ambassador of Orinetal Drift. He would much rather have the money and the fans besides the fame. His first show as IXXI he got to witness a crowd of everyday bar-goers in Red Deer, Alberta. Ever since that night he has been on the come up.
Dydmos always wanted to do music since he first got a “Walkman cd player”. Originally when he was going to the local boys and girls club for their open mic nights, when he moved to Alberta that really solidified the dream. It was a little over 7 years ago that he started actually making music but he has only been professionally recording and distributing his music for 1 year now.
Dymods fanbase is mostly an online presence coming from the United States, but he still has a decent following in Canada, since that’s where he resides.Come see him live July 3rd he has a show (Back To Business PT 1) in downtown Calgary at a local pub called Vern’ Presented by LessTalk ENT. Also check out his most recent single “3:30 AM”

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