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If I Was Rich The Dream Of NY Artist Moncee

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Moncee AKA Malachi Best is an upcoming artist based out of Upstate, New York. He is 22 years old and has been professional recording music for about three years. He is working on his debut project titled “Leap Of Faith”. Which is a big step for Moncee, considering he has been through the struggle of washing dishes finally has been able to live off his music and gave up the 9-5. He just put out a single off the project titled “If I Was Rich” A good quote to explain Moncee’s true colors is
“If I Was Rich” A good quote from the single to explain Moncee’s true colors is “If I was rich I would buy a mansion for my Momma just because I wanna, and buy a Lambo for my brother just because I love em’ and share my story with the globe and show em’ how to hustle and give back to anybody going through the struggle”. Moncee recently has gotten over 15,000 Instagram followers based on working with @PowerBranding in a giveaway with Woah Vicky, and Famous Ocean.

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