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Tuesday Knight Is Getting Set to Release New Music After Success of “FYS”

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Tuesday Knight hinted that he is already working on a new project which might be released this summer. He said, “I’m working on a new album I’m hoping to release towards the middle or end of the summer. Still in the early stages, but one of the key themes I’m dealing with is the contradiction of loving music while being frustrated with the music industry.”

Tuesday Knight is still looking to tour a little bit after things with the virus calm down. This would mean playing his latest project “FYS” or “For Your Soul”. The project already has over 200K streams on Spotify alone, and has received good feedback from listeners worldwide.

The Atlanta based talent is taking his time with the new project. Tuesday Knight said, “I want to make a living off my music, but the subgenre of hip-hop that’s currently getting the most play isn’t in line with my style and content. My music is unique, and I know there’s a market for it. Just gotta be patient and stay true.”

Expect more quality tracks from the artist soon.

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