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Trap Jayy: The Young Lyrical Genius On The Brink Of Success

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In an ever-so growing industry, Trap Jayy is that fresh breath of air needed in the music game. The Jersey born artist knew that music flowed through his veins at a very young age and never stopped. Growing up around a family of musicians, it was only a matter of time before Jayy was in the limelight. With a father who was a percussionist and an older brother who became a successful DJ, Trap Jayy had undeniable guidance and took his talents with him on a mission to the top.

“I just want to be an outlet for those who need clarity in their lives. I want to be the voice for those who need to be heard that aren’t. Feel me? I just want my music to put my fans in a dope place mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

The new-school melodic triple threat rapper, singer, songwriter molded himself into the vision he’s always dreamed of, hence his new album titled ‘Dreams Never Felt So Real.’ The newly released top singles, “Pick & Choose” produced by BeatsbyRoki (already on its way to hitting over 11k) and “Sky Red” produced by JayLv (that has hit over 230k on YouTube) are both tracks that have definitely made staying in quarantine a bit more inviting. Amongst Jayy’s biggest influences are Nipsey Hussle and Speaker Knockerz, two artists that were not expected to be said by an 18 year old on the rise. We loved that.

“Ever since I got a little older, I can pick and choose”

The next in line chart topper, writes all his songs from his heart through personal experiences. His sensual, laid back personality shines through lyrics making his music easy to listen to over and over again. When entrepreneur and CEO of AMAC Entertainment, Anthony McDonald, first came across the young artist he knew he wanted to help him progress to the next level. Trap Jayy has really built a reputation as “the one” to keep an eye out for this year.

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