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Just Bout That Action, Boss | Colin Kaepernick

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Just Bout That Action, Boss
By Jean Paul Cortorreal

In ever-turbulent times, we must remember to always highlight those that cut through the fray and show they are just about action. Action is what is needed now as a system continues to grind its gears while the poor, disenfranchised black and brown people of America suffers the ultimate cost. Colin Kaepernick has shown us peaceful protests are met with hateful retorts from white supremacists and their sympathizers alike (whichever shoe fits 45, he has gladly worn and can wear again), so we aren’t surprised that when action was needed Colin would show up again. His Know Your Rights Camp has launched a legal defense initiative in support of those arrested in protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd by a police officer.

Colin famously enacted a silent peaceful protest during the American anthem of a football game and was then blackballed from being employed. To this day he remains unemployed while the NFL ironically tweets that they understand the ongoing protests and riots. His peaceful protest that spread almost league-wide in 2017 peaked with the vice president of the (not so) United States wasting taxpayer money on a publicity stunt. Walking out and tweeting his disdain after players kneeled during the anthem, his boss then also tweeted and revealed that is what 45 asked of him. Now that same office has taken war-like responses on our own soil to protests that have sprouted all around the country. I admit some of the protests have bordered on dangerous, but what can you expect when faced with a different version of the same tyranny for hundreds of years. Much of the violence can also be attributed to many police tactics that leave otherwise rightfully angry but peaceful protestors with no choice but to fight back. The main point being that they usually lose to the hyper-militarized police force and end up arrested. There is an African Proverb circling around that resonates almost perfectly- “The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” Except the child witnessed the village murder everyone that looked like him and then, was not embraced. This is where again in comes Colin Kaepernick. Know Your Rights Camp announced they have teamed up with lawyers nationwide to provide legal resources for those in need.

If such a subtle peaceful statement like taking a knee from a one time Super Bowl starting QB is viewed as undignified by so many in our country, and protests are also viewed the same, then maybe it isn’t the method they disagree with but maybe the message itself? That is why the man that laid his professional football career on the line has continued his message through all levels of protests whether peaceful or throwing his allegiance down with those on the ground fighting for the same message. Stop Killing Us. Black Lives Matter.

Colin Kaepernick, has been a bright spot in a dark time, and has proved he is about that action.

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