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Antoine, the Credit Genius, Helps Rapper Tiny Doo Quadruple 1.5M

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Life will always give you new beginnings; you just have to take that opportunity when it comes up! Tiny Doo, whose real name is Brandon Duncan, can relate to this affirmation. He was wrongly convicted for a purportedly being affiliated with a criminal gang. However, his defense team argued out a controversial penal code that got him released and awarded him approximately $1.5 million. The damage was already done- his options were limited. What was he going to do with this amount of money?

Antoine Sallis came into the picture to give Tiny Doo strategic advice. He is the founder and president of Rapid Credit Boosters, a company that specializes in fixing the credit profile of potential clients. Just like many other Americans, Sallis had overlooked his credit status for many years. He started reading and researching, eventually establishing a means of fixing his credit. Now, he is offering his skills as a service to purposefully remind people that it is okay to dream again.

“It is one thing to be a rapper who’s been through the struggles on the streets, but it’s quite another thing to be business savvy as well,” this is Antoine referring to one of his associates and now client, Tiny Doo. He understands that the world judged this man for a crime that he did not commit. It is one thing fixing a reputation, but it is another to build a business empire from scratch. Tiny Doo was in a situation where he had to deal with both conditions. Antoine Sallis offered his assistance in the very best way he could.

Antoine attests that he has since taught Tiny Doo some techniques he could use to leverage his credit by making investments with little to no money. With this knowledge, Tiny Doo has managed to start an Airbnb business, which generates sufficient monthly returns. He was also informed about the difference between good and bad debt and the importance of making smart investments. Antoine might not reveal all the details of their engagement, but he admits that Tiny Doo is a patient man; it is good to interact with a client who wants to make a difference in their life.

“Even through the grit and grind, I knew he was a good person”, a positive validation from Antoine. He watched him handle this turmoil and how everything affected his family. The legal fee was another thing that weighed him down. Tiny Doo was steadfast, and adamant that the case would turn out in his favor. Antoine, like many other philanthropists, was eagerly waiting for a chance to help him turn that $1.5 into $6 million with a snap.

Antoine Sallis started Rapid Credit Boosters to give credit advice to thousands of people struggling with their finances. Tiny Doo’s gradual success story is an inspiration, reminding him about core philosophical values that he should continue sustaining for better prospects of his business.

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