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Meet Athena Tha Goddess, Hip Hop’s Newest Female Rapper

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Since she was a child Athena Tha Goddess has always wanted to be something eccentric and off the curve. While her peers wanted to be teachers and doctors, she wanted to be like Fergie, a local Alabama artist. She has since set out on her dream to become an entertainer.

While the journey has not been smooth, Athena has moved from stripper to club dancer to performing artiste. Choosing the southern Hip Hop brand as her forte, she has busted out of the blocks and onto the charts.

While a lot of artists have to pick their stage name when they start music, Stephanie already had Athena Tha Goddess as her stage name even before she started music. The name and the alter ego had been a choice from her time in the club and it makes her feel empowered and sexy.

In the last four years since she started doing music, Athena Tha Goddess has built a solid fan base. With the slogan “wake up and hustle”, she’s all out to empower the female gender and to encourage any hustler who wants to secure the bag and do it unapologetically.

With a lot of new rappers out there, Athena has never felt pressured, for her, the only competition is herself. She strives to be better at her own game. This is born out of a deep understanding of music and how much the craft means to her. Using a combination of powerful storytelling, personal experience and an uncanny delivery method for her music, Athena Tha Goddess is taking up the stage, one fan at a time.

Athena has worked on a number of projects. Her discography has included a duo album with her childhood hero Alabama rapper “KBZ” amidst several singles. She’s presently working on her first solo album which is scheduled for later this year.

At 23, Athena tha goddess surely has a lot of years ahead of her and with her brand already growing. Cardi B has shown the world what is possible, Athena Tha Goddess is following closely on the prowl.

She talks about what motivated her single ‘spoil me’ and offers a fresh perspective on the topic of love since the song is her first love song. She also chronicles how she escaped an abusive relationship via the world of performance.

With her personal touch and feel of music, a flair for the dramatic and the unique capability to fit right into the drama when it comes calling. Which is a unique attribute built over time in the clubs where she has worked as a dancer. It is not rocket science to see why Athena tha goddess is stealing the heart of many.

There is much more to come. A new star is on the block and her name is Athena!

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