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Blackkingkofi Transformed a Instagram Repost Page to a Record Label

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The social media expert and music lover, Myles Kofi Fynn-Aggrey, better known as BlackKingKofi, introduced the Instagram repost page @6ixclouttv in June 2018 to offer support to young Canadian artists. Within no time, the IG repost page transformed into a marketing agency/ record label.

It was established with an inspiration to help young Independent creatives in expressing their talents in the music world. Until now, it has supported a countless number of young artists in making their place in the entertainment world. Moreover, 6ixclouttv also runs ad campaigns for high tier artists on youtube and Spotify.

Blackkingkofi started his platform after he was met with a lack of support for his own music. Claiming that the Toronto media outlets were biased, he decided to begin building his own platform where he could promote his music and the music created by his friends. He has no idea it would become a music company in a matter of months.

The Company is Growing Quickly With an impressive rate of growth and success. Aside from releasing great music Blackkingkofi is a innovative entrepreneur.

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