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Their first single “Long Time Coming” has over 170,000 streams in Spotify and they just released their next single “Runnin & Gunnin”. Although, they don’t have an album planned yet, they’ll releasing single after single for the time being. Be sure to keep an eye out for these guys and find the latest news on the Instagram (@outsyders) and don’t miss this unique sound on Spotify, Apple Music and more!

They also plan on making a music video for their upcoming multi-lingual single “Baila Para Mi” in Miami now that Quarantine measures are beginning to be lifted. Miami is the perfect location for this shoot because the song will be incorporating Venezuelan Columbian and Mexican models. The song is also based on a true story so they rap about how they met a girl at the Fountain Blue in Miami.

Living in Hollywood led them to great networking opportunities where they connected with their Social Media Manager Chris Cunningham and hot shot music executive Pierre Balian.

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