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Armoney Rose “Chicken Dinner” (Official Video)

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Armoney Rose, born Quinntez Banks, is a singer/rapper with hype, yet impactful and genuine music that reflects his testimony of overcoming troubles of his past street lifestyle and finding peace in his Muslim faith. This year, Armoney signed to A1 Entertainment one year after being released from a 13-year incarceration.

Determined to make his mark upon every avenue in the music industry, the artist has collaborated with noble Detroit producer, Helluva, releasing “Chicken Dinner” and “Swear to God”. The duo previously brought us “Getting Off’, which was released while Armoney was still independent. Complimenting his first full project, “Armoney Experience”, he has worked with Smerf Beats, and performed on stage with Twista and Baby Blue.

With a new upcoming project set to release within the next few months, Armoney promises fresh tracks and surprise guests appearances to fans, both local and worldwide.

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