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Lindsay Lohan was so impressed with this DJ that she sent him a personal video message – DJ and Producer Nick Stracener sits down to tell the story

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Nick Stracener is a self taught DJ and has had his finger on the pulse of the current circuit club scene. From gogo dancing to promoting, Nick has lived the scene from every angle. Passionate about sound, DJ Nick Stracener has a number of creative lenses he filters his music through, combining indigenous rhythms with sultry female vocals. Performing with an energetic flair that’s addictive as it is therapeutic, Nick Stracener is a musical medicine man. His uplifting sound is self care shared, offering listeners with a remedy for life’s daily grind, coupled with holistic grinding of his own. Don’t get you turntables twisted, he may look like a musclebound meathead, but fans know Nick takes his art more seriously than himself, a trait his 187k IG followers love about him. Come for the muscle, stay for the music as Nick says himself.

What made you decide you want to DJ?

I have been actively involved in the circuit scene, which is basically a rave but for gay men, for some time now and have always enjoyed going to circuit parties, but one day I decided I wanted to be behind the dj booth serving the children my own beats. I’ve also played the saxophone since I was a child and even went to college on a scholarship for it so I knew that dj’ing would be something that would be challenging but also liberating and it would give me an outlet to express myself. I suffer with severe depression as well so finding the art of dj’ing has really helped me with that.

How did you get your foot in the door with dj’ing?

I definitely think already having a loyal base of followers on my social media accounts has helped me get people to listen to my music, and I knew it would, but would they actually like it was something that I wasn’t sure about. I posted my first hour long set on Soundcloud just 6 months ago titled “Not Another Instagram DJ” and in the beginning of the track I make fun of myself for being an “Insta-DJ.” I think people liked to see my sense of humor expressed in my music. After releasing that first mix I came out with a second one about a month later and then I was contacted by the owner of a party called the DILF Party which is a traveling circuit party. The owner Joe was super impressed with my music and wanted to have me open up for one of the dj’s on his lineup named “Kitty Glitter” while she was playing in my city of Dallas. I obviously said yes, and had such a blast doing that party, and I guess he liked me because he asked me to spin at 2 more of his parties, one in Atlanta and the other in Los Angeles. Los Angeles unfortunately got cancelled due to Covid.

What inspired you to create a remix of Lindsay Lohan’s “Back to Me”?

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Lindsay Lohan, from her acting in Parent Trap and Mean Girls to her music career. My first ever remix that I produced was “Rumors,” which was a song off of her first album called “Speak”. It was a song that I used to listen to on the tennis court that got me pumped up as a kid. When I heard that Lindsay was making a comeback in the music industry 12 years later I was elated, and then I heard the new single and the words really struck a chord with me. For me the song means finding yourself again and shutting out all the negative energy that I encounter from day to day.”

How did the remix of Lindsay Lohan’s new single “Back to Me” come to her attention?

I posted the remix of “Back to Me” all over. social media the day that I officially released it. The following day a friend of mine who is an editor of a magazine sent me a DM on instagram and it said “Sounds good. Just sent it to her.” Of course I was shocked and I wanted to make sure I understood him correctly so I responded with “Shut the front door! OMG! Are you for real?” Then he sent me the screenshot and I about had a heart attack. lol. She loved it and was very impressed, and she sent a voice note to him as well and said “omg love it. It’s quick and makes you want to dance!” The next thing you know she sent me a video response confirming how much she liked the remix and that she would like to meet me!

What are your plans next and do you think the dj industry will recover?

I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and making music and encouraging everyone to use precaution if they have to leave their house for any reason. I tell everyone to have a dance party in their bedroom and to join me on my live stream and we will have a good time! I’m taking it day by day in regards to gigs and still have a couple this fall that have not been cancelled so I’m really hoping that everything is squared away by then, but safety is the number one priority. I do think the dj industry will recover but it might take longer than most people are expecting. I say prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

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