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Versatile G Is On Top With His Hit “12:12”

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One of the hottest artists recently goes by the name of Versatile G. He is a rapper out of Montgomery County, Maryland and has been gaining traction at an alarming rate.

This could be because of his song “12:12” that just recently surfaced. This song is very catchy and one could be played over and over again. The song starts out hitting super hard with the 808s that will make your whole car vibrate. After that Versatile G’s featured rap artist, “TazzInaShell”, wastes no time and comes right in with his vocals and adlibs.

Next Versatile G comes in with the heat, talking about his grind and how you have to put in work in order to get where you want to be. Versatile G always spits facts like this, which is why he’s reaching the top with his songs. Nowadays, people not only like a song with a tough beat but also real lyrics and Versatile G hits both on the head perfectly.

This is the perfect song to play on your way to the store while picking up your toilet paper, or chilling at home with your headphones in. Make sure to add this to your quarantine playlist as it’s a necessity!

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