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Yung Fate plans to take over Wisconsin !

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All ears are on Wisconsin rapper Yung Fate after his new singles took Spotify by storm. The rapper, whose real name is Nick O’Connell, found a way to make everyone turn up, even when they’re stuck inside. His three latest singles, all released independently and recorded in his home studio, showcase a myriad of original sounds.

“420” was released on April 20th and, as the title suggests, it is a smoker’s anthem. The track features Jake Strain, DJ Leach and – the mastermind behind “Because I Got High” – Afroman. This high-profile collaboration, which O’Connell considers his biggest achievement, created the momentum for two additional singles.

O’Connell also released “Throne” on April 30th which features Omniclutch and blends haunting keys with ambiance and braggadocio. Most recently, on May 8th, he challenged his doubters with the smooth solo track “Heartless.” It was these three songs which helped skyrocket O’Connell to a milestone 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

O’Connell is making the most of the surge of new fans and followers. He will be releasing music regularly through the rest of 2020 but is also looking forward to creating visual content. He plans to shoot a video for “Heartless” following the quarantine.



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