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Matisse Tsoy: Production and Engineering Focused on Artist Growth

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Underground rappers are lining up to collaborate with Matisse Tsoy. The producer and engineer based out of Charlottesville, Virginia has been the craftsman of several gems so far in 2020 and he has a lot more in the arsenal that is affordable to rap’s newcomers but with the quality of 15 years experience.

Tsoy spent some time as a rapper himself, using the moniker Sauce is Matisse, so he understands the struggle of finding the right beat at the right price, as well as the importance of a good mix and good marketing. His skill as a producer was recognized in 2011 by Sinatti Pop, where Tsoy earned production credits for “Red Lights.” Since then he has collaborated with Ghostcraft Music, Playboy the Beast, engineered a verse by Ubiquitous from Ces Cru and more!

Tsoy owes his recent success to the release of three songs. “The Beast” and “The Velocipastor” both feature savage verses from Playboy the Beast over Tsoy’s sinister, rich production. “I Can’t Relate,” on the other hand, features rapid-fire verses from Juuuu, Y’z and Corey V over an arrangement of Tsoy’s bounciest synths. Still fresh out the lab, it is nearing 35,000 streams on Spotify.

Having left the rapper life behind, Tsoy wants to help new artists grow and develop their own sound and learn the importance of investing in that growth. His beats are largely inspired by film and theater and can be leased for $19.99 (he’s got some dope bulk deals going on now as well). Sonically, they range from old school West Coast g-funk to more modern, higher BPM tracks with distorted bass. He also provides engineering services and, for more established artists, Tsoy is serving as a lead producer and campaign manager. 

Tsoy’s next track, “Rollin’” drops on June 5th. The song features multiple up-and-coming emcees including Jake Strain from Albany, NY. You can check out Tsoy’s beats at and follow him here:





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