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Swaggertown Records Officially Signs Mikey Phin

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Swaggertown Records is proud to announce Mikey Phin as its first signee. The independent label is based out of Albany, NY where Mikey Phin has amassed a loyal fan base known as the “Phans”. The deal with Swaggertown, which includes a $10,000 signing bonus, is positioned to give Mikey more recognition throughout the United States and globally.

CEO of Swaggertown Records, Jake Strain, said that the paperwork was signed on May 1, 2020 and that the deal was a long time coming. The two have already worked together numerous times over the past five years. Mikey Phin and Jake Strain collaborated on “A Bizarre Cypher” which also features Eminem’s friend and D12 member Bizarre. “A Bizarre Cypher” is close to reaching two million streams on Spotify.

Mikey has wasted no time since being signed. He’s already dropped two songs with the label: “Count Ya Days” and “Over It,” the latter of which was also released with a teaser for the video. Mikey has several more singles locked and loaded for release after the quarantine. His creative focus will be on visual content while Swaggertown will handle promotion.

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