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Jesse Neo Releases Gemtracks to Buy and Sell Beats During Pandemic

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Jesse Neo, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter, producer and DJ from Australia has been making the most of his time in lockdown with the creation of his new online musician marketplace, Gemtracks.


Known for his infectious dance tracks, the most notable being his debut single, ‘Sex Magic,’ the Australian singer has worked as a songwriter for labels and big YouTube channels, as well as DJing in various clubs in Australia and in Los Angeles.


However, during this COVID-19 crisis, Jesse has listed a new profession on his CV – a music technologist.


“Technology and computers have always been part of my life,” Jesse said. “Back in 2017 when companies started reaching out to me to make beats for them, I realized the music industry was lacking technological innovation. I remember moving to Los Angeles and being bombarded with phone calls and emails that were impossible for me to respond to within a reasonable timeframe.”


Suddenly, the idea of an online platform that can allow producers to sell tracks hit his young mind.


“It just came to me,” the 22-year-old confessed. “I immediately set up a website where I could showcase my beats. I put the link in my email signatures and business cards. Then to my surprise, sales began coming through.”


According to the self-proclaimed music technologist, beats were being sold between $99 and $599 each. The unique selling point of Gemtracks is that each track can only be sold once, and the buyer becomes the new master and copyright owner. This means the buyer can distribute the track to as many channels as they desire and keep all the profit.


Just a few months ago, Gemtracks was officially opened as a marketplace for anyone to sell and buy beats. Some producers that have signed up include Pedro Alexander, Lucas Gold, Milana Leybovich and William Zarate.


With the lockdown going on throughout the world, new producers are signing up everyday.


“After working as songwriter, I realized how less and infrequent songwriters and producers were being paid,” Jesse continued. “I guess being able to sell beats at higher prices and letting the buyer be the new master owner do have some good. I mean, if I could get a one lump sum of money for a beat I’ve made, why not just take it?”


Currently Gemtracks houses all genres from pop beats to hip hop beats. As time goes on, new features are expected to be added to the platform so that musicians from anywhere in their creative journeys would be able to utilize.


“I’m currently adding a new section to the platform to allow customers to book studio sessions,” the Australian continued. “This means after an artist or company has bought a beat, they can easily have their vocals recorded over it too.”


Having a quick browse through Gemtracks, there are also some educational resource directed at newbie musicians, such as an article on how to get into the music industry that we found very informative.


If this sounds like your cup of tea, head over to Gemtracks to buy and sell beats.

You can also listen to Jesse Neo’s music on Spotify or follow him on Instagram.

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