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Let’s Talk Business With StaJe

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The new trending topic in the music industry is in full circle surrounding the artist StaJe. Not only for his captivating writing skills or catchy hooks, but also for his ethical fashion sense. In light of all the tragedy’s going on around the world from the Coronavirus to police brutality, we would like to turn the tide to something a bit more positive. StaJe released his established clothing brand “Black Genes” in early 2020. Within the first week he sold out of his “Black Genes” hoodies. It comes to us as no surprise that the artist is pushing the boundaries on standing for what he believes. In reference to music like “Afraid” and “Nightmares” where the artist gives us the entire scoop on him growing up in a one parent household, dealing with domestic violence, we figured he’s the kind of guy that’s bold and conscious.

Being a long way from home, StaJe found instant success in the entertainment world signing a modeling deal in 2016. As the years went by we got to see him grow as a artist. Not being notable or news worthy, he decided to focus on writing for other artist. As this helped him financially he believes he was always destined to perform. Hints where he claimed the name StaJe. He has been in the game for a while now and has finally gotten the well deserved credit that’s due to him.

We had the please of conducting a phone interview with the Rap/R&B superstar. He gave his fans some tips and insight on success.

StaJe states:

“I believe we all have something in us that makes us unique. You think it’s one thing one day then it can completely change the next day. What has worked for me is the simple things. Constantly making music, staying on my pin even when I’m clocked in on my 9-5, staying true to my sound and my wave. It really just comes down to you never stopping and remaining optimistic about everything.”

When we asked him, “what motivates him to not burn out and continue to go so hard” he stated,

“I’ve never had the male role model to show me what greatness is. My mom is amazing and is my mother and my father. Without her I wouldn’t be doing this, no cap. When I’m tired or feel like I can’t go anymore I just think about those days when she came home from 3 jobs, walked through the door with a smile on her face and still made dinner for her 4 kids before she went to bed. That’s my constant reminder that my mom is a warrior and she birthed nothing but warriors.”

As you can see, the artist simply wears his heart on his sleeves. One of the late things we got to discuss was, who he thought deserves credit for his new found success.

StaJe replies:

“I credit everyone who stuck with me when I had 10 dimes in my pocket. God first and foremost, my mom, my brother Chris, my brother Devone and Mike, my sister Erica, my uncles Reggie, Ronald, David, and the late Willie Payne Jr aka Kevlar. Also to my entire team Fam Entertainment, Goddi, Andy, Bobby, Eric, Peter and everyone who staffed our video shoots. Last but not least to my team forever 2007 Columbia High Capitals! I love y’all boys and I just hope I can inspire greatness from all of you.”

StaJe is releasing his new Single “Jimmy Choos” which will be streaming on all major platforms on May 22nd.

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