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Exclusive Interview: Veronica Cooper is On the Rise

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Raz B notably known as a Member of B2K has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. After years of dealing with harassment after speaking up about his past, he became the man behind it all helping B2K reunite according to Omarion. B2k grossed an estimated 5 Million on the reunion tour. This is a win that anyone in his position surely did not take in stride. Fresh off the tour Raz B has been working hard at laying the foundations of creating a brighter future for not just himself but for an artist on the rise by the name Veronica Cooper. If you haven’t heard her name before you might want to get accustomed to it. Veronica Cooper is a Las Vegas born rapper; who has accomplished some large heights while being 100% independent. Such as charting on the billboards peaking at 23 for Rap Albums with her 1st mixtape “Wheres Vee”. The Source magazine announced the partnership late last year.

Let’s just dig right into it. How did you two meet?

{Veronica} Well, It all started with a thing called marketing. I dropped my mixtape “Wheres Vee” and I knew I needed a way to make myself stand out. So because it was a mixtape I thought it would be dope if I could actually put the music in a cassette tape like the old school way but keep it modern cause DUH no one is using cassettes no more. So I found a company that helped me make USB Cassette Tapes. So for a few weeks, I went around vegas to shows and events passing out the tapes. My friend Mellisa Benz introduced me to Elijah Polk, who is now one of my managers. Fast forward like 6 months later Elijah is on the phone with me telling me he rocking with my music and my style and wants to sit down with me and introduce me to Raz. I’m like yeah; sure you do; kinda playing it to the side. Mind you I’m like I don’t have time to be scammed. Yet he stayed persistent. Finally, I agreed to meet up and low and behold there was Raz and Elijah. We chopped it up and Badda boom here we are today! Did I get it all Raz?

{Raz} I heard her name from Elijah Polk. Las Vegas is his market when it comes to the work we do. He mentioned her name during that time we were looking to fill slots for the Millenium Tour. Unfortunately, She didn’t come along but we knew she had something special and we wanted to be apart of it. I think our first meeting was up in Henderson. We finally met and it instantly felt like she was part of the family. We just vibed.

{Veronica} Yea, Honestly Raz and I together we are some class clowns. We were in Atlanta a few months ago and I crashed his interview. I don’t think anyone in the room stopped laughing the whole time.

Raz, what was your first impression of Veronica?

{Raz} I knew she was a person of strong character after I watched the “Queens” music video. I had received so much information about her from Elijah. I was super proud and impressed that she was already on the billboards. That she already had a buzz.

I was just excited to get evolved and see how I could add value. She is already a star and with the right relationships that are being built, if you not backing her now you gonna wish you had.

Veronica, were you a fan of Raz and the B2k movement?

{Raz} [Chuckles] Where you?

{Veronica} Funny you ask, at the time B2K was huge I was like 7/8. So I remember hearing the song “Uh Huh” and dancing to it on the school bus with one of my friends. I definitely would have never guessed we would meet in person many years later!

Are there any collaborations in the works between you both?

[Veronica looks at Raz smiling extra hard]
{Veronica} I can not deny or attest that we are working on a song together.

{Raz} Your so silly Vee. We haven’t sat in the studio and made one from scratch yet. She did lay a verse on a song of mine called “NDA” that hasn’t dropped yet. We should probably get that out to the people soon.

Veronica, you have dropped 3 singles in the past couple of months can you tell us more about them?

{Veronica} Yea sure, “About Last Night, You Were Great”, “Queens”, and “Thug Story” have all recently dropped. About Last Night is my take on a one night stand. It’s goofy and sexual at the same time! Have you ever seen a giant eggplant emoji? Check out the music video to have a good laugh about that. “Queens” is me talking my shit to someone who claims to not like me and I just wanted them to know that the only thing my friends and I are worried about is what we eating tonight and what wig we wearing to the function.

{Raz} Yea, Queens is my favorite song!

{Veronica} Then you have “Thug Story” my most recent release. The song was inspired by Slick Ricks “Children’s Story.” I wanted to create a storytelling song for my generation. The music is out now!

{Raz} Yea, people should check them out. Each of those songs shows just how versatile Vee is. If you put it in front of her; She gonna take it and make it her own. When she has a vision once she starts she not stopping till she finishes.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

{Veronica} EVE! All-day, any day, today, right now and yesterday. Wouldn’t mind Imagine Dragons, Bbymutha, Doja Cat, Flatbush Zombies, Missy Elliot, or Big Sean.

How has to Covid-19 affected you and your music?

{Raz} Shiiiiiiiiitt [ Veronica and Raz laugh] Yea studio all set, food in the fridge, we gonna push through.

{Veronica} Well, for me it’s not as bad as it could be. I already had some stuff in the works so I don’t feel slowed down. I just bought a bunch of equipment for my home studio so I can catch up on some features. I downloaded The Sims so I’m about to buy a couple of properties and renovate them. You know make some big boss moves.

Veronica, Being from Las Vegas do you feel any type of pressure to prove anything and why do you think your city hasn’t produced more artists?

{Veronica} Not really, What do I gotta prove? To be honest, I just do what I do, and if people follow that’s a blessing My city has been trying to do big things people just choose not to recognize what we got to offer. A city with a lot of talent but a lot of scammers coming in and making plays and dipping. Someone will start up a bomb venue and here come the police. Its gonna take all the locals to come together and stand up and put a stop to the harassment. Major artist come to our city and don’t even invite our local artists to open. Where they do that at? It’s honestly an insult and slap to our faces. How can we play the game if the majors won’t let us on the field? We the city that never sleeps baby we gonna make it out the mud and shine bright when we get the chance.

What is the best advice yall been given?
{Veronica} Stop worrying about what others are doing. Every minute you focus on what someone else has is a minute taking away from your possible blessings. The day I started putting myself first was the day I discovered peace within myself.

{Raz} Don’t give up, work hard, and keep your mystique. You can’t move forward; driving in reverse.

Raz, What’s in store for the both of you? What can we look forward to seeing from your camp?
{Raz} Man, for Veronica I’m excited for her new project. I am excited cause I get to be more involved. When she came to me she already had so much done with her current stuff. I’m excited about the new stuff cause she is so versatile, so diverse, and what she comes up within her mind is just innovative. I’m happy to see her dig deep into her creativity and I believe with the right environment and motivation she gonna bring something that is untouchable. Right now it’s all about her. Its the Year of Veronica Cooper.

{Veronica} You tryna make cry huh?

Is there anything else you would like to add?
{Raz} Shout out to 50. For real thanks for the interview

{Veronica} Thanks for having us. It means alot. Thanks to all my supporters and fans. I love yall. Ima keep pushing hard till the wheels fall off!

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